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White Wednesday’s in April

25% Off Non-sale White Wine*


15% Off 3+ Bottles of Non-sale White Liquor*


Every Wednesday in April 2015


*Not valid on green tag/sale priced items, coupon items and/or with other promotions.  While supplies last.

Gluttony Sale!

November 28 & 29


6-11 bottles of non-sale wine 25% off*

12+ bottles of non-sale wine 30% off*


3+ bottles of non-sale liquor 15% off*


3+ six/twelve packs of non-sale beer 15% 0ff*


*Not valid on green tag/sale items, coupon items or with other promotions.

White Sale in July

15% Off 3+ Bottles of Clear Liquor*


Valid thru 7/31/14.  *Not valid on green tag/sale priced items, coupon items and other promotions.

Whiskey Madness Sale

March 1 – 15, 2014


15% off 3+ bottles of non-sale whiskey*


*not valid on green tag/sale priced items, coupon items or other promotions

Dewars Scotch

Price (1.75 Liter): $33.71

Christian Brothers Brandy

The Christian Brothers V S Brandy is distilled using the same time-honored pot still production method used with fine Cognacs. This exceptional American Brandy is then aged for 2 to 6 years in oak barrels. Hand selected barrels are then carefully blended to create unequaled smoothness and full-bodied taste in a brandy that is imbued with layers of well-balanced fruit flavors and a warm, lingering finish.


  • Pot still production
  • A blend of American and European Brandies
  • Aged 2 – 6 years in oak Bourbon barrels
  • Full bodied, layered with fruit flavors and a lingering finish.


Price (1.75 Liter): $16.99

Windsor Canadian Whisky

Price (1.75 Liter): $16.99

Jack Daniels Black Label

Some say that Jack Daniel had 7 girlfriends, or that the way he wrote his “J” looked like a 7. Some say he chose the number 7 simply because it’s lucky. Only Mr. Jack knows the real reason. Either way, we consider ourselves lucky that he created Jack Daniel’s the way he did.


Price (1.75 Liter): $35.99

Bacardi Light and Dark Rum

Originated in 1862, Bacardi Superior rum is the original, mixable, light-bodied rum, aged between one to two years in carefully selected oak barrels.  After aging, the rums are blended and passed through a second charcoal filtration to achieve maximum clarity and characteristic Bacardi smoothness.


Price (1.75 Liter): $20.95

Tanqueray Gin

Tanqueray Gin is one of the iconic gins of the world and claims an unchanged recipe for 130 years. It is a classic London dry with heavy juniper flavors bottled at various proofs for different markets (typically 94.6 proof in the US). Today it is the #1 imported gin into the US.


Named Best Gin in the 2005 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


Named Best Gin in the 2007 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


Price (1.75 Liter): $30.97

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